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PicCosmo Bot

Elevate your event to an unforgettable cosmic journey with our PicCosmo. This futuristic wonder seamlessly merges art and technology, crafting captivating sketches that spark wonder and amazement in seconds.

Dedicated Booth Attendant

Custom Canvas Design

Dedicated Wifi

2 Hours | $2,500

How It Works

Meet our PicCosmo Bot–where tech meets artistry! Here’s how it works: you hop into our selfie booth, snap a pic, and in a flash, our PicCosmo Bot’s robotic arm brings your portrait photo to life on an event-themed canvas. It’s got a knack for crafting one-of-a-kind art thanks to its clever AI. You can watch the magic unfold right before your eyes and snag a copy to remember the moment. This stellar bot is often the life of the party. It sparks engagement and excitement, helping start conversation and connection through the shared experience of watching the PicCosmo Bot in action. Our PicCosmo Bot is excellent for adding an extra layer of fun and creativity to any event. It’s like art and tech had a cosmic collision!

PicCosmo Bot

Why It Reigns Supreme In Our Universe

Immerse your guest in an enchanting experience with our PicCosmo. Where modern elegance meets cutting-edge technology, it’s a journey beyond the ordinary. Explore limitless creativity, savour unforgettable moments, and capture extraordinary memories with a cosmic touch.


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User Experience


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